In the middle of the mountains of Mallorca, surrounded by its vegetation and the Mediterranean Sea

Imagine the sea. Imagine the sun. Imagine the fresh air of the Mediteranean. You are already thinking of Mallorca. It has always been said that there is no place like Mallorca. Our island is, without a doubt, a life restoring place. Here you can renew your interest in the power of simple things. You can reconnect with what is really important in your life. It’s not important where you are today. Here you can find the comfort and peace that you have been looking for through dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

Exclusive stay in our Private Villas

Select from our wide catalogue of private, luxury Villas where you will feel most comfortable, then we will adapt to you to ensure your privacy and well-being.

Enjoy an exclusive location

Did you know that the island of Mallorca was selected by the world renowned newspaper “The Times” as the best place to live in the world? It is also considered the best island in Spain, the second in Europe, and the sixth in the world according to TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award.

Mallorca and her Mediterranean environment provide you with a refuge to connect with what is truly important in your life.

Known as “La Isla de la Calma” her relaxing atmosphere, healthy and vibrant culture, and innumerable options for activities will help you to reach the goals you set for yourself at the first stage of your journey here.

The healthy lifestyle and countless wellness-related activities help to create an ideal atmosphere for relaxation and recovery.

More than a sunny beach destination

Local culture has always played a key role in the history and evolution of the island. You will find a very deep and varied culture here. Throughout the year there are concerts, festivals, exhibitions, and literary competitions. Palma de Mallorca is known around the world for it’s interesting and beautiful Old Town and its compelling nightlife.

Local cuisine is one of the strengths of Mallorcan culture. Mediterranean cuisine is known as one of the most varied and healthy diets on the planet. Here you can try anything thanks to your personal chef who is ready to prepare delicious and healthy dishes based on the highest quality fish and seafood. In addition you will always have a private chauffeured vehicle with which to visit all of the distinct wonders that the island offers visitors. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discover everything we can do for you from our little island paradise.


Learn more about Bonaire Bespoke Recovery.

We are here to accompany you.

If you detect that your life is in jeopardy in any way; whether it’s economic, personal or social. If you sense that you've lost control of your acts and emotions and rely on abuse as a way of escaping what you cannot confront.

If you are ashamed of yourself because of the disappointment of those closest to you. Or you notice that you have to hide all the time with no one to talk to. Even if you have tried to escape your problems before. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, the first step to your full functional recovery is acceptance.

Unlike most recovery Clinics, at Bonaire Bespoke Recovery we take into account all the aspects involved in the full and functional recuperation of our clients. We create a custom therapeutic plan combining all the disciplines of our experts, to create the best holistic treatment for you.

We treat your anonymity with the utmost of seriousness. Your classified data will always be protected and maintained in strict confidentiality. You will enjoy the privileges and comfort of our 24/7 privacy.

Every client is different. Starting from this concept, we carefully design a therapeutic plan which scrupulously analyzes every aspect of your being. We take care to consider your physical, mental and emotional life. We are aware that the root of the problem lies under the apparent surface, so we focus on resolving the real and important issues that have led you to such compulsive and dangerous activity.