Private and exclusive

The Bonaire difference is our programs are intimate, innovative and rigorously moulded by a qualified team. We construct a complete therapeutic plan to best suit your needs.

We begin with an intimate, devoted, and non-judgemental perspective.

We are not like the frivolous procedures that work from a distance and only create shallowness. Instead, we consider your unique background to create a specific recovery plan designed just for you. Our holistic treatment plans consider not only your physical health, but also the complex psychological and emotional variables which make you unique.

Through the use of self-development tools that go hand in hand with a science-supported approach, we facilitate an integral transformation so that you don’t have to struggle alone. Beginning from an intimate, devoted, and non-judgemental perspective ensures that you are understood and never alone. We guarantee your confidentiality and our discretion.

During your healing voyage we teach many tools for your recovery and address the challenges you face with a structure guided by several types of therapies that are dedicated to assist and guide you on your way. We take care of you in a profound manner so that you can leave a new person.

Highlight concepts

A path to your success

  • More than 25 years of experience
  • Treatments tailored to each client
  • Aftercare accompaniment at your place of origin
  • Luxury stay with 24-hour services available to the client
  • Privacy and confidentiality


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We are here to accompany you.

If you detect that your life is in jeopardy in any way; whether it’s economic, personal or social. If you sense that you've lost control of your acts and emotions and rely on abuse as a way of escaping what you cannot confront.

If you are ashamed of yourself because of the disappointment of those closest to you. Or you notice that you have to hide all the time with no one to talk to. Even if you have tried to escape your problems before. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, the first step to your full functional recovery is acceptance.

Unlike most recovery Clinics, at Bonaire Bespoke Recovery we take into account all the aspects involved in the full and functional recuperation of our clients. We create a custom therapeutic plan combining all the disciplines of our experts, to create the best holistic treatment for you.

We treat your anonymity with the utmost of seriousness. Your classified data will always be protected and maintained in strict confidentiality. You will enjoy the privileges and comfort of our 24/7 privacy.

Every client is different. Starting from this concept, we carefully design a therapeutic plan which scrupulously analyzes every aspect of your being. We take care to consider your physical, mental and emotional life. We are aware that the root of the problem lies under the apparent surface, so we focus on resolving the real and important issues that have led you to such compulsive and dangerous activity.