Health Rehab

Our exclusive health rehab is an invitation to move slower, to become fully aware and present. We hold the space to help you restore your body, your mind, and bring them into harmony with your habits and relationships. Our team of experts accompany you on your journey towards reaching your full potential.

Mental health

Mental Health is the sum of the emotional, mental, and social well-being that allows us to take on the challenges of our lives and our community. We are professionals in the field of psychiatry, psychology, and neuropsychology. We will help you develop emotional self care techniques.


The search for reward or relief through the use of substances and harmful behaviors affects our personal relationships as well as our professional and academic activities. Addiction limits our ability to build healthy relationships and function effectively in our environment. Therefore, together, we will analyze the origins of your behaviors so that obsessive patterns stop dominating your life. We will help you learn to identify and cope with dependent behaviors.