Luxury rehab center in Mallorca

Bonaire Recovery, the luxury rehab center in Mallorca

Imagine that you are a successful individual, and on the surface, your life appears nearly perfect—high income, good social relationships, professional prestige, perhaps someone exposed to public opinion. You’re not quite sure how or when it began, but your consumption of certain substances has spiraled out of control. Maybe you’re experiencing anxiety or deep depression with a lack of motivation. Perhaps your life’s pace is so frenetic that you need a break, a breather. Maybe it’s time for some serenity and personal space for recovery and self-care to reassess certain aspects of your life. It’s probably time to pause and reflect.

What would you do about it? And where would you go to receive the best treatment to recover and regain control of your life?

Although there’s no longer a stigma associated with seeking therapy for alcohol, substance abuse, or mental illness, there’s still a desire to step away from the public eye; to seek a private and exclusive environment where you feel that you are in the hands of a team of professionals dedicated solely to your well-being and physical and emotional recovery.

Some people can make a difference in someone’s life, and some have the ability to change the lives of others. Since childhood, being a doctor was always the calling of Dr. Pablo Tobajas, co-founder of Bonaire Bespoke Recovery and CEO of the Bonaire Salut group. With over 25 years of experience in the field of mental health, he has designed a therapeutic recovery program tailored to the needs of each individual who needs to regain control of their lives, recover their sense of purpose, and their emotions.

Luxury Clinic for Addiction and Mental Health in Mallorca, Spain

We sat down with Dr. Pablo Tobajas to discuss the mental disorders affecting our current society and learn about their luxury rehabilitation center’s approach to their patients

—Dr. Tobajas, how did the Bonaire Recovery project come about?

—Bonaire Bespoke Recovery was born out of the need to provide personalized recovery treatments to clients who demand special assistance in a Mediterranean, exclusive, private, and absolutely discreet environment.

—Based on your experience, what are the most common factors negatively affecting the mental well-being of most individuals?

—We could say that life is a mental state based on a balance between self-awareness and the regulation of our emotions. At times, we face such a wide range of challenges in our journey that it disrupts our emotional state. Feelings of loneliness, depression, relationship problems, substance abuse, work-related stress, or constant public exposure are sometimes the perfect mix that triggers a life crisis.

At Bonaire Bespoke Recovery, we offer you the tools to build a better future

Luxury rehab center in Mallorca

—Dr. Tobajas, what do your programs consist of?

—We draw inspiration from understanding the whole person through personalized programs with our therapeutic staff. Doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, personal trainers, professionals in yoga and mindfulness techniques, and highly effective methods like neurofeedback. During your stay, we’ll establish a therapeutic plan tailored to your circumstances. We’ll assess medical and psychological aspects, as well as useful tools for physical and mental recovery that can help train the efficiency and clarity of the mind. We emphasize the importance of balanced nutrition, physical exercise, mindfulness, and meditation. The benefits of being connected, of flowing, are being well-focused: being more efficient in our brain capacities, a higher quality personal life, reduced feelings of burnout, stress management, increased sense of pleasure, and better life experiences. In short, a sense of well-being and a giant step toward inner peace and balance.

—Where are the treatments conducted?

—We have a selection of luxury villas in Mallorca that cater to the various needs and preferences of each client. From exclusive seaside stays to more rural settings in harmony with the extraordinary nature that the island of Mallorca offers.

—What sets Bonaire Recovery apart from other recovery clinics?

—First and foremost, our treatment programs are tailored to each client. We offer personalized service and strive to provide a close and exquisite approach. We have carefully selected professionals and resources to offer the best possible service to our clients.

—We have a highly qualified medical team with extensive experience in the field of mental health. We have agreements with different centers to carry out hospital detoxification programs if needed, which allows us to cover clients with various pathologies and needs that other rehabilitation centers may lack.

—In addition to the services included in the program, we offer our clients a wide range of leisure activities so they can experience the wonders that the island of Mallorca offers to its visitors. From various sports activities such as golf or trekking to visits to the towns and the most emblematic points of Mallorca. We want clients to immerse themselves in a sea of positive sensations thanks to the Mediterranean climate and cuisine.

At Bonaire Recovery, our goal is to provide you with the best possible treatment

Luxury rehab center in Mallorca

—Dr. Tobajas, what is the key to regaining balance once again?

—At BBR, our commitment is to help you regain emotional balance and achieve a shift in your feelings and acceptance of the relativity of your emotions.

—We will work on all the details that have led to this temporary sense of weakness and personal decline. We will enhance your personal skills through a premium personal recovery experience in a unique and extraordinary setting.

—We will assist you with coping and adaptation strategies to naturally change your attitude towards yourself and how you project yourself to others. A simple change in attitude can help us recognize and uncover the hidden happiness within each of us. This therapeutic process helps you go through emotional maturation and personal growth that you hadn’t imagined. So, let’s take the first step and regain control of your life.


How do I know if I need your help?

If you feel that the balance of your life is in jeopardy.

if you feel like you have lost control of your actions, and emotions and rely on substance abuse as an escape mechanism.

Perhaps you feel ashamed of yourself because you perceive that those closest to you are disappointed in you. Perhaps you notice that you are withdrawing from the world and feel alone. You might even have tried to resolve your problems before. We want to join you on your path to recovery so please do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you.

What defines your bespoke method?

At Bonaire we pride ourselves for taking into account every aspect involved in ensuring a full and functional recovery for our clients.

We have created a therapeutic plan which combines all the expertise of our team, providing you with the best holistic treatment possible.

How do you guarantee discretion and confidentiality?

Your anonymity will be strictly observed.

Your classified data will always be protected and maintained with the strictest of confidentiality.

How would the treatment be tailored to my needs?

As every client is different, we will carefully design a therapeutic plan which scrupulously analyzes every aspect of your being.

We will consider your physical, mental and emotional life with great care.

We will go to the roots of your problems, resolving the real issues that have led you into the unhealthy compulsive behaviours that are weakening your foundations.

Luxury rehab center in Mallorca

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The best luxury rehab center in Mallorca


Retiros de Salud

Nuestro exclusivo retiro de salud te permitirá reducir el estrés de tu vida diaria y disfrutar del momento presente.

Te facilitamos un entorno propicio para restaurar cuerpo y mente.

Nuestro equipo multidisciplinar te ayudará a conseguir tus objetivos.


Salud mental

Cuando nuestro bienestar emocional, mental y social fluye, somos capaces de afrontar los retos de nuestra vida con energía y determinación.

Somos profesionales de la psiquiatría, la psicología y la neuropsicología. te ayudaremos a desarrollar las técnicas que te permitan manejar tus emociones.



La búsqueda de recompensa o alivio mediante el uso de sustancias y comportamientos nocivos para nuestra salud afectan a nuestras relaciones personales y a nuestra vida profesional.

Las adicciones limitan nuestra capacidad de establecer relaciones sanas con nuestro entorno y merman nuestra capacidad funcional.

Juntos analizaremos la causa raíz de tu comportamiento.


Bonaire Bespoke Recovery ofrece a sus pacientes un tratamiento posterior de seguimiento es aquellos casos en los que sea aconsejable

BONAIRE RECOVERY: una clínica exclusiva de rehabilitación de adicciones en villas de lujo de Mallorca

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