Burn Out

The 21st Century Epidemic

The stress and anxiety stemming from Burn Out have become the epidemic of the 21st century. They diminish our quality of life and drastically reduce our intellectual capacity. In the business realm, they are not equivalent to productivity or responsibility.

Stress and Anxiety

We navigate a complex multitasking environment, captive to new technologies, constant adaptation to change, the need for continuous innovation, and the demand for immediate reaction, all with fewer resources and higher productivity goals.

We have over 60,000 thoughts per day tirelessly accelerating our minds, generating stress and anxiety. The formula to correct this state of unrest, often filled with recurring negative thoughts, is the conquest of the present moment.

“Thought is a great servant but a bad master”

At Bonaire Recovery, we address Burn Out in individuals through a program based on conscious mental processes oriented towards emotional well-being. This holds increasing relevance in our modern lives, influencing creativity, work, personal growth, relationships with loved ones, and overall mental health.

It is a genuine evolutionary change for humans that transcends purely personal and professional benefits. Now, people have the challenge and opportunity to attain serenity and keep their minds calm.

“It’s about preparing the mind, and the body responding positively to adverse situations”

This is where the need for BONAIRE RECOVERY arises if you suffer from Burn Out: we enhance your personal balance and foster self-confidence, respect, and self-esteem through a holistic, enriching, and mentally healthy program.

In an environment that is close yet respectful of your standards, we combine motivational, stress-relief, and mindfulness activities with playful experiences focused on culture, imagination, surprise, creativity, and ensuring the achievement of your goals through positive sensations.

Burn Out Program

Our program to address Burn Out helps you become more aware of the present moment, enjoy a space in Mallorca free from constraints, and achieve greater mental clarity, serenity, confidence, and the energy necessary to face inevitable work and personal challenges.

Our program is designed to provide knowledge and beneficial experiences for subsequent implementation in both professional and personal spheres.

Mallorca and the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean climate of Mallorca, with its sunny weather, beautiful landscapes, and connections to major international airports, create the perfect combination to make Mallorca the ideal place for the RECOVERY program. Here, you can regain your mental calm, awaken your senses, free yourself from stress, or gain more energy.

Mallorca offers the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities by the beach, sea, and mountains, as well as indulge in the excellent Balearic cuisine.

The programme includes:

Medical sessions

Understanding your mind is the first step towards understanding your emotions and behaviours:





Using advanced systems of medical innovation, your neural pathways will be mapped out. In this way your brain will learn how to self-regulate.

Virtual Reality Therapy

New technologies bring fresh solutions. Virtual reality brings innovative possibilities to the field of therapy.


Benefit from our tailored physiotherapy treatments designed to treat your aches and pains.


Exercise is proven to make you feel better. Our expert trainers will ensure that you get all the exercise you need to feel your best.


Master the art of how to keep calm and reconnect with yourself and your surroundings with guided meditation sessions.

Complementary Holistic Therapies

The perfect match to boost your recovery:

Music Therapy.



A one to one Approach

Our personalized and professional approach will help ensure therapeutic success in a familiar, exclusive and private environment.

Luxury addiction & mental health clinic in Mallorca, Spain. Bonaire Bespoke Recovery

Nutritional assessment

You will receive an in-depth evaluation of your nutritional needs to best promote your health.

Luxury addiction & mental health clinic in Mallorca, Spain. Bonaire Bespoke Recovery

Private Counsellor

You will receive continual and emotional support and care from your dedicated professional. With empathy and understanding you will benefit from their skills, experience and knowledge to meet your every need.


Sit back and relax as you take advantage of your private driver so you can enjoy the many leisure opportunities at your disposal on the island.

Luxury addiction & mental health clinic in Mallorca, Spain. Bonaire Bespoke Recovery

Private Chef

Enjoy the authentic and delicious dishes tailored to your nutritional needs prepared by our talented chef.


An abundance of unforgettable experiences in Mallorca

Our client care team will be delighted to organize a variety of leisure activities for you to immerse yourself in all that the Balearic Islands have to offer

Private Jet Trips

Spoil yourself and jet off to Menorca where you can experience the exquisite taste of a lobster chowder, or spend the day cruising around Ibiza and Formentera, delighting in the treasures of the Mediterranean.

Golf Tours

Thanks to the island’s warm, sunny climate and its collection of scenic yet challenging golf courses, Mallorca is now considered one of the best golf holiday destinations in Europe.

Exclusive Yacht Charter

Revel in the luxury of a private yacht and feast your eyes on the stunning views and splendid coves of the Mallorcan coastline.

Snorkelling and Diving Experience

With its crystal-clear water, cliffs, caves and astonishing underwater life, Mallorca is one of the best places for diving and snorkeling in the Mediterranean.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

A balloon flight over the island is one of the most spectacular ways to discover Mallorca, where you can enjoy the incredible views at sunrise or sunset.

Advanced Cosmetic 24K Gold

Known from the time of Cleopatra, this lavish and luxurious treatment helps to repair oxidation and accelerates cell renewal whilst enhancing the appearance of radiance in the skin instantly and over the long-term.