The treatments
Our treatments

At Bonaire Bespoke Recovery we offer you the tools for you to build a better future

Health Retreat

Our exclusive health retreat will enable you to slow down and became more present

We will provide the scenic background to help you restore your body and your mind.

Our team of experts will accompany you on your journey towards reaching your full potential.

Mental health

When our emotional, mental and social wellbeing flows well together we are able to face the challenges in our lives with energy and determination.

We are professionals in the field of psychiatry, psychology and neuropsychology. We will help you develop the techniques to enable you to cope with your emotions.


The search for reward or relief through the use of substances and engaging in harmful behaviours affect our personal relationships as well as our professional life

Addictions limit our ability to build healthy relationships and reduce our effective functioning in the world.

Therefore, together we will analyze the root cause of your behaviour.