Sex addiction: treatment at a luxury clinic in Mallorca

Sex addiction: treatment at a luxury clinic in Mallorca. Our Luxury centrer in Mallorca provides a completely secluded and protected environment

Luxury rehab clinic for addictions in Mallorca

Sex addiction: treatment at a luxury clinic in Mallorca, a completely secluded and protected environment

In a constantly moving world, where stress and pressures, fame, and influence can become overwhelming, individuals sometimes find themselves caught in a silent struggle against sex addiction

For those moving in high-profile social circles, executives, prominent figures in culture or entertainment, this issue can be particularly challenging. Media attention and the need for privacy can exacerbate distress.

Sex addiction is a reality that affects people in all walks of life, including those enjoying high standards of living. This addiction can lead to an imbalanced life, broken relationships, and physical and mental health problems. The need to maintain privacy in a world where constant exposure is inevitable can make seeking help even more complicated.

A Holistic and Private Solution

In response to this growing need, at Bonaire Bespoke Recovery, we have created a unique and exclusive solution: a multidisciplinary team of sex addiction experts, psychologists, and therapists have joined forces to offer a rehabilitation experience in a private villa in Mallorca.

This holistic approach is designed to provide high-net-worth individuals with the privacy and attention they need while addressing their addiction.

Nestled on the stunning coasts of Mallorca, our private villas are a haven of luxury and comfort

Here, our patients find an exclusive environment where they can address their sex addiction with the care and respect they deserve. The island’s natural beauty and villa amenities create an environment conducive to reflection and recovery.

Sex addiction is a complex challenge, but finding recovery and well-being is possible. This program not only focuses on abstinence but on restoring balance in our patients’ lives. Healing is a journey that includes completely personalised individual therapies, wellness activities, leisure, and exquisite care. Sex addiction doesn’t have to be a dark secret; it can be the start of a new life filled with balance and personal success.

Sex Addiction: Treatment and Recovery

A team of highly qualified psychologists and therapists, experienced in treating sex addiction, work alongside the patient. Each treatment plan is customised to address individual needs, focusing on a profound understanding of the underlying causes of sex addiction and strategies for long-term recovery.

We understand that privacy is a priority for those living under constant public scrutiny. This private villa in Mallorca offers a completely secluded and protected environment from prying eyes. Participants can recover without worrying about unwanted exposure.

Our private villa in Mallorca provides a completely secluded and protected environment, shielded from prying eyes. Our patients can heal without worrying about unwanted exposure.

Luxury rehab clinic for addictions in Mallorca (Spain).

Addictions program

At Bonaire Bespoke Recovery we provide exclusive, private, and professional recovery programs for any type of addiction

Our method marries medical and scientific interventions to ensure abstinence is maintained, to avoid relapse of consumption and to make sure our clients fully recover.

We also offer the possibility to make a detoxification process, in the case it is necessary.

Some of the mental health conditions we treat:


Nicotine dependence

Drug consumption

Sex addiction

Gambling addiction

Prescription medicine dependency

Luxury rehab clinic for addictions in Mallorca (Spain).

Unlike most recovery Clinics, at Bonaire Bespoke Recovery we take into account all the aspects involved in the full and functional recuperation of the person in need.

We do not work individually, but instead, we tailor a therapeutic plan combining all the opinions of our experts, to create the best holistic treatment for each specific case.

The programme includes:

Medical sessions

Understanding your mind is the first step towards understanding your emotions and behaviours:





Using advanced systems of medical innovation, your neural pathways will be mapped out. In this way your brain will learn how to self-regulate.

Virtual Reality Therapy

New technologies bring fresh solutions. Virtual reality brings innovative possibilities to the field of therapy.


Benefit from our tailored physiotherapy treatments designed to treat your aches and pains.


Exercise is proven to make you feel better. Our expert trainers will ensure that you get all the exercise you need to feel your best.


Master the art of how to keep calm and reconnect with yourself and your surroundings with guided meditation sessions.

Complementary Holistic Therapies

The perfect match to boost your recovery:

Music Therapy.



A one to one Approach

Our personalized and professional approach will help ensure therapeutic success in a familiar, exclusive and private environment.

Luxury addiction & mental health clinic in Mallorca, Spain. Bonaire Bespoke Recovery

Nutritional assessment

You will receive an in-depth evaluation of your nutritional needs to best promote your health.

Luxury addiction & mental health clinic in Mallorca, Spain. Bonaire Bespoke Recovery

Private Counsellor

You will receive continual and emotional support and care from your dedicated professional. With empathy and understanding you will benefit from their skills, experience and knowledge to meet your every need.


Sit back and relax as you take advantage of your private driver so you can enjoy the many leisure opportunities at your disposal on the island.

Luxury addiction & mental health clinic in Mallorca, Spain. Bonaire Bespoke Recovery

Private Chef

Enjoy the authentic and delicious dishes tailored to your nutritional needs prepared by our talented chef.


An abundance of unforgettable experiences in Mallorca

Our client care team will be delighted to organize a variety of leisure activities for you to immerse yourself in all that the Balearic Islands have to offer

Private Jet Trips

Spoil yourself and jet off to Menorca where you can experience the exquisite taste of a lobster chowder, or spend the day cruising around Ibiza and Formentera, delighting in the treasures of the Mediterranean.

Golf Tours

Thanks to the island’s warm, sunny climate and its collection of scenic yet challenging golf courses, Mallorca is now considered one of the best golf holiday destinations in Europe.

Exclusive Yacht Charter

Revel in the luxury of a private yacht and feast your eyes on the stunning views and splendid coves of the Mallorcan coastline.

Snorkelling and Diving Experience

With its crystal-clear water, cliffs, caves and astonishing underwater life, Mallorca is one of the best places for diving and snorkeling in the Mediterranean.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

A balloon flight over the island is one of the most spectacular ways to discover Mallorca, where you can enjoy the incredible views at sunrise or sunset.

Advanced Cosmetic 24K Gold

Known from the time of Cleopatra, this lavish and luxurious treatment helps to repair oxidation and accelerates cell renewal whilst enhancing the appearance of radiance in the skin instantly and over the long-term.